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50 years of Independence..

Wednesday April 25, 2012

This year Jamaica is celebrating 50 years of Independence. What are some of the activities that you would like to see as a part of our celebration?

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Kimone Campbell
I believe that the foreign entities that is in charge of the Eoj should view the members of it's institution and i believe some of the members must be sentence for life for their dishonesty. This is why this country will forever remain in bondage and something must be done,this foolishness needs to stop. All the illegal actions where over looked this is not for the people. We are tired if it. I rest my case!!!!!!!
28 Feb 2016
Dave Jonas
where can I find the results/details of recent elections on 25/02/2016
26 Feb 2016
Lamb. V
Just out of curiosity I checked the name of a deceased relative and realized that his name is still on the voters list. How is this possible?
24 Feb 2016
Sonia Ellis
I have been watching the process of voting on You Tube and notice that the ballots are put into the box by one of the election worker. May I suggest that in future the ballot is put into the box by the ELECTOR to prevent anyone suggesting that a ballot might not have been placed in the box
04 Feb 2016
Racquel Darby
I'm a Jamaican but I live outside of d country I left Jamaica when I was 16 and now I'm 21 I've never applied for a national ID before how long does it take to get ur ID?? I will be in d country soon but only for 7-10 days what advice can u offer me on this matter??
30 Jan 2016
I recommend that the application form for persons interested in becoming election day workers is done online. This would make the process easier and quicker.
29 Sep 2015
Ruth Johnson
I did not know that we had to fill out multiple application forms to have our information updated with the Electoral Office of Jamaica?I had my address updated recently and was not told that I had to fill out a separate form to update my occupation.Why isn\'t it okay for one application form to update all information and if not, why doesn\'t the Electoral staff educate the public?As a result, I have had the same occupation for over 20 years, which is false.Therefore, there may be many persons showing unemployed or employed in various occupations and that is false.So, is it possible that the statistics the government publishes for number of persons employed or unemployed is erroneous?
11 Sep 2015
Hugh Bartley
Where in the act can I find details of time off to vote
03 Jun 2014


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