Jamaica's Electoral System

In 1944 Jamaica adopted a new constitution. Representative Government replaced Crown Colony Government. Instead of a semi-representative one chambered legislature there were two chambers, one elected and one nominated. For the first time in the history of Jamaica , the franchise was extended to all adults of twenty-one years old and over.

The Constitution provided for an executive council of five nominated members and five elected members. It provided for greater representation of the people's interest.

The abolition of Crown Colony Government and the adoption of Universal Adult Suffrage necessitated the creation of a government body mandated to administer subsequent elections. Thus, the Electoral Office of Jamaica was established in 1943 to administer Parliamentary and Local Government Elections.

In 1962 Jamaica gained its sovereignty from Britain . The present system of government is based on the British Westminster model where there is a House of Representative made up of elected members and a Senate made up of selected members.

Election as a political institution is the principal means of choosing the representatives of the executive and legislative offices of the country. It is this important process that the Electoral Office of Jamaica administers.

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